Pausing... by kelly klein

A moment of light, the sound of waves..

Anytime, anywhere, I can simply pause.

For a moment or a few seconds, I can stop what I am doing and think
ing, and imagine different people around the world and what they might be experiencing in this same present moment.

A father is looking at his sleeping child.  A traveler in India is sitting on a train reading a book.  Young children are walking down a dirt road kicking a stone.  An African woman is
walking up a steep hill with a baby on her hip and a basin of water balanced on her head.  A blind child has become separated from her parents. An old man is alone in a hospital bed, in pain.  A young girl is cowering in fear.  Someone is extending a hand of peace to another.  A young soldier lies on his belly in the dark, armed, tense, and frightened. A young monk is ringing the morning bells in the silence of predawn. A businessman is stuck in traffic. A Mexican immigrant is alone and lost in the desert. Someone is laughing.  Someone is being beaten or raped.  Someone is watching a sunset.  Someone is hungry.  Someone is cold.  Someone is touching another with compassion.  Someone is mourning a loss. All things are happening in this same moment, around the world, to all of us.
Stone wall and rough gate, Ladakh
Welcoming gate, my home in Ladakh, (kelly klein)

For this moment, this pause, I am connected to them all. I am a witness to their suffering and joy.  I am connected to our human family.  I know we are all one. I can let go of this inflated notion of Self and know we are all the same.  We all suffer.  We all feel physical pain. We all lose those who are dear to us. We all seek happiness.  Even the murderer and pedophile seek freedom from their suffering, trapped in their very dark worlds, and they, too, deserve my compassion.


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