Looking north along the Phyang River towards the glaciers, Ladakh - Kelly Klein

View from my home, Ladakh -Kelly Klein

      As I open my eyes this morning, 
         my first thoughts are of gratitude, 
                nothing more. 

                    How precious. 

      … grateful for the mattress that cushions me, grateful for this one pair of faded ten year old cotton flannel sheets my mother gifted me years ago, grateful for my favorite pillow even older, grateful for the cool morning air as it touches feel my beautiful sagging, wrinkled nude body, grateful for windows that treat these eyes to the soft color in the clouds as the sun touches their moisture, grateful for the sound or water as it sings through the valley and the birds greeting each other and the precious morning, grateful for the color green, everywhere, what calm and peace it offers, the color of wisdom, grateful for the flowers in their wild array of hues sneaking above the ledge, grateful for the aches as I move and stretch, this body that I have abused and neglected over the years but still serves me and allows me to move, work, walk, grateful for my beautiful little home with functional art from around the world, the soothing mud walls, a clay floor that gently grounds me as my bare feet tread the cool surface, grateful to be alone, grateful to awake when the beginning of day calls me with freedom to make this day what I want, when I want.  Grateful to have electricity again so that I can share these thoughts and feelings with you, who gives me so much love, acceptance, support, and encouragement. Grateful to be able to share this beautiful morning with you.

Stupa behind flowers, view from my home, Ladakh - Kelly Klein


  1. Your photos resemble this homeland being as much a heartland! Your words of gratitude stirred my heart as I get in touch with that which I am ever so grateful for which certainly does outweigh what I suffer with at times that seems to bog me down ; / thank you for your inspiration!

    1. Many thanks for sharing. The comment section was problematic and just now seeing your response. Many thanks. Gratitude shifts everything. Wishing you enough, all that you need to continue to blossom and shine..


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